Car Trailer 300Kg

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MP6810 110 x 90 x 38cm 300Kg Car Trailer, meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation (supplied with a Certificate of Conformity & VIN plate).
Great value, basic trailer.
Camping, leisure and light commercial car trailer.
110 x 90 x 38cm External box size
105 x 85 x 32cm Internal box size
1726 x 1200 x 824mm Full size
Load capacity 245kg.
Load space area 0.89m2
Load space volume 0.29m3
Unladen weight 55kg
Supplied flat-packed and easy to assemble with simple instructions.
Maintenance free rubber suspension.
Robust, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction.
Recessed lights.
Tips and has a drop down tail gate.