Knipex 90 10 165 BK CutiX® Universal Knife, 165mm

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Ideal for cutting, scraping, scratching or scoring. The innovative stabilisation bar means the blade can be used flexibly or rigidly, allowing for versatile, precise and faster cutting. The bar also allows targeted pressure on the back of the blade with less risk of injury if the blade breaks or bends. The knife fits comfortably in the hand due to its slim shape and numerous grip zones. The blade locks firmly thanks to a hardened steel pin and can be changed at the push of a button. Suitable for all common 18mm snap-off blades – smooth, curved and with hooks. Fitted with a high-quality 18mm blade and two spares housed in a secure compartment. Tether attachment point for tool protection.


1 x Knipex 90 10 165 BK CutiX® Universal Knife, 165mm
2 x Spare universal knife blades


Blade types: standard 18mm, smooth, curved and with hooks
Dimensions: W 165 x H 40 x D 19mm
Weight: 144g

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