Maxol Ultrafarm 10w30 5 litre

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Product details

Maxol Ultrafarm 10W/30 is an up-to-date multifunctional lubricating oil for agricultural and earthmoving equipment, formulated with top-grade, solvent-refined base oils and additives.

This multifunctional lubricant (known as a Super Tractor Oil Universal) has been developed to achieve one single lubricating oil that is able to lubricate:

  • gasoline engines
  • diesel engines (with or without turbo-charging)
  • transmissions (also "wet" brakes)
  • hydraulic systems 

Techincal Specifications

  • API SF/CG-4/GL-4
  • ACEA E3
  • Ford M2C159-C
  • Massey Ferguson M1139/M1144/M1145
  • John Deere J27/20C
  • Ford M2C134-D
  • Massey Ferguson M1135/M1143
  • ZF TE-ML 06B/07B
  • Allison C4
  • NH 410B
  • MB 227.1