RING 12A Smart Diagnostic Battery Charger RSC612/RESC612

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12A Smart Battery Charger, to charge, protect, repair and analyse 12V batteries in vehicles up to 5L. Smart chargers are ideal for lead acid, gel, calcium, AGM and EFB batteries - and essential for maintaining START/STOP vehicles.

The RSC612/RESC612 Smart Charge applies an eight stage cycle, that recharges at the optimum speed, repairs damage to the battery, and automatically switches to a low charge rate once the battery is recharged, ensuring that it maintains its charge level without causing damage through overcharging. The RSC612/RESC612 also has four battery analysis tools, that test start power, the alternator check, battery cranking performance and battery voltage, to give you a full view of your vehicle battery's health.

The RSC612/RESC612 also has maintenance mode - ideal for long term connection - and memory saver function, so it can retain the vehicle's electronics settings (e.g. radio settings) if the battery is disconnected. The winter charge mode is ideal for charging in cold weather. The LCD screen makes it easy to take readings and select charge or analysis settings. This is a comprehensive battery care tool.

Available with three pin plug (part number RSC612) and two pin plug (part number RESC612).

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