Solar Powered Auto-Varioshade Welding and Grinding Helmet

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Professional welders helmet with solar powered automatic shading facility. The striking of the arc triggers the ultra-fast 0.04 seconds shading facility. Built-in switch on side of helmet provides flexibility in changing between welding and grinding capacity. Built-in variable sensitivity and delay setting with flexible shade range between DIN 9-13. Manufactured from high impact nylon and fitted with adjustable headband provides users with maximum protection and comfort.


Screen size   110 x 90mm
Power mode   Fully automatic
Power supply   Solar panel
Switching time light to dark   0.04ms
Switching time dark to light   0.15ms
Light shade   DIN 4
Variable shade adjustments   DIN 9 - 13
Arc sensors   2
UV/IR protection   up to DIN 16
Operating temperature   -5C - +55C
Weight   830g


EN175 and BS EN 6100-6-3 and BS EN 6100-6-1

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Weight .850 kg