Timing Kit for Ford and Volvo Vehicles

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Ford Engine Codes: HUBA, HUWA, HYDA, HYBA, HYDC, JZDAVolvo Engine Codes: B4204S2, B416S, B4204S, B5234T5, B5244T, B5254T2, B4164S2, B5234T6, B5244T3, B5254T3, B4184S, B4204T, B5234T7, B5244T4, B5254T4, B4184S2, B4204T2, B5234T8, B5244T5, B5254T5, B4184S3, B4204T3, B5234T9, B5244T7, B5254T6, B4184S9, B4204T5, B5244FS, B5244T2, B5254T7, B4184S10, B5234FS, B5244S2, B5244S4, B5254T8, B4194T, B5234T3, B5244SG, B5244S5, B5254T10, B4194T2, B5234T4, B5244SG2, B5244S7, B5254T11


Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer for the correct use of this kit

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