Universal Mount Brackets for Single Bolt Worklamps with 3 Grub screws

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The Durite Universal Work Light Mount Bracket is designed with a single bolt-hole adaptor. This bracket is made from SS304 with 3 grub screws providing a secure hold, and allowing for flexible positioning with 180° up and down, as well as 60° side to side rotation. {{bul}Supplied in a pack of 2{/bul}{/bul}{bul}SS304 material{/bul}{bul}180° up/down, 60° side to side rotation{/bul}{bul}Max Speed 70MPH{/bul}{bul}RoHS Compliant{/bul}{bul}2KG max load weight{/bul}{bul}Dimensions L 52 x H 45 x W 30mm, 0.100Kg per bracket{/bul}}

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