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Robust hydraulic 10 tonne bench press with sliding ram. There are four adjustable table heights: 110, 195, 280 and 365mm. The glycerine liquid filled gauge provides increased accuracy and prolonged service life. There is a detachable hand pump that can be secured to the press or bench. An anti-kink coil is fitted to each end of the flexible hose for increased protection. Fitted with a safety valve to pretend the press from overloading. Complete with two flat V-shaped blocks. Fully tested and certified for safe, reliable operation.


Capacity: 10 tonne
Gauge range: 0-16 tonne
Gauge diameter: 105mm
Ram stroke: 175mm
Ram diameter: 40mm
Ram height to table: 110-365mm
Working table width: 335mm
Overall height: 1058mm
Weight: 55kg