Return Policy

In an effort to improve our service to you, J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD would like to draw your attention to the terms and conditions regarding return of goods and service.

  • Goods must be returned in a condition of merchantable quality, as decided by us. Any items not conforming with this will either be returned to the customer or subject to a re-boxing charge. J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD reserve the right to re-invoice previously credited goods to the Customer if J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD subsequently discover that the goods previously credited are not of merchantable quality.


  • Goods must have been originally purchased from J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD. Goods not purchased from J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD will be returned to the customer. J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD do not accept responsibility for items not purchased from J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD.


  • Returns must be accompanied by relevant paperwork. Should paperwork not be available, the returns may be listed by J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD but no responsibility can be accepted for any discrepancies. In certain cases, these goods will be returned to the customer. OBSOLETE goods and goods NOT FIT FOR STOCK will be rejected for credit.


  • L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD have the right to refuse to take items back. ANY ITEMS NOT FIT FOR STOCK WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER.


  • Goods returned AFTER 30 days from date of purchase may be subject to a handling charge as stated on all invoices. There is an automated charge of 20% of the value of the item which will apply to goods if not FIT FOR STOCK. Goods returned after 6 months, 12 months, and thereafter, will be subject to a higher handling charge.
    Handling Charges

Handling Charges

30 Days


If not fit for stock

6 Months


Applied to all goods

12 Months


Applied to all goods

24+ Months


Applied to all goods


  • In the event that a business should cease trading or with the sale of a business, a minimal charge of 30% will be applied to all goods returned to J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD. Any goods which require repackaging will incur a charge 40%. OBSOLETE GOODS and GOODS NOT FIT FOR STOCK will be rejected for credit.
  • Any queries on credit notes must be reported within One Month from date of issue of the credit note.

Warranty Policy


All goods returned under warranty must be packed and returned separately. Returning these items with Stock Returns can lead to delays with processing the claim. J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD will replace/issue credit on any product that proves defective as a result of improper workmanship and/or material under normal installation, usage, service and maintenance. As part of the services we offer with Eure!Car, our customers who partake in Eure!Car training courses can avail of the chargeable technical helpline, for fitting issues, from Grup Eina on 01 517 5665.

J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD will not replace/issue credit on products that prove defective as a result of damage sustained through improper installation, maintenance and usage, and/or through other unforeseeable external circumstances. Any alterations made to products will render your warranty null and void.

The warranty period for goods is 6 to 24 months depending on product from date of first fitting. All J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Goods returned under warranty must be accompanied by completed warranty paperwork. In the case of a labour claim, you must contact us first. Only J.L.BRADSHAW & CO LTD products and labour involved in fitting/removal of these products is covered under warranty. Claims for external items such as towing, liquids and other components are not covered under warranty.

The following information is required for all warranty and labour claims. This is mandatory to process

All Claims:

  1. Account name or number.
  2. Vehicle registration number or full chassis number.
  3. Part number and quantity.
  4. The date the component was fitted and the date it was removed.
  5. The kilometres covered whilst the component was fitted.
  6. Full details of the fault and symptoms leading to the failure of the component.
  7. Engine management components must be submitted with a full diagnostic report. Batteries must be submitted with a printed test report.
  8. Garage invoice (not a quotation) for any work carried out. This invoice must be on headed paper and include the following: garage VAT number, registration of vehicle, date work was carried out, details of work carried out, list of parts supplied and fitted, number of hours for repair and labour rate charged, correct VAT rate for goods and services


Any goods returned under warranty which do not meet all of the above criteria will be refused and returned to the customer. This information is vital for a quick solution on warranty and helps to get a better understanding as to why the component failed. And in doing so, this help us to provide a better service to you and your local workshop.
J.L BRADSHAW & CO LTD warranty labour rate is €40 per hour in accordance with what the vehicle manufacturer allows the workshop, when warranty work is being carried out. Warranty claim decisions can take 2-6 weeks or, in some cases, 8-12 weeks. All warranty claims are backed up with full technical support from our suppliers. Supplier/Manufacturers decisions on approval or rejection is final.