Draper Expert 230V Compact Induction Heating Tool

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This flameless heat induction tool is intended for the fast, efficient and safe heating of parts made solely from ferrous metals. Its compact, easy-to-handle design makes it ideal for use in areas with tight access. It is safer and more economical than the use of brazing torches or welding/heating techniques. It is especially good for jobs that require speed and flexibility, and when there is a risk of damaging parts with an open flame such as upholstery, rubber and wiring. For ease of operation, there is an LED indicator on the front of the induction coil for lighting the heated component and showing the device status. The built-in processor optimises the heating process to make it as efficient as possible. For safety, there is overload protection to prevent overheating and short-circuiting of the coil. This induction heater is designed for use by professional technicians in garages, workshops and engineering facilities. It is portable and supplied inside a blow-moulded plastic storage case with a range of accessories.


1 x 19mm Direct coil
1 x 26mm Direct coil
1 x Flex coil
1 x Pad coil


Voltage: 230V
Power: 1.2kVA
Input current: 7.5A
Frequency: 40–60Hz
Cover: IP20
Power cable: 2m
Weight: 2kg

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Weight 3.481 kg