French Blind Spot Warning Sign For HGVs over 3.5T “Attention Angles Morts”

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Durite French warning sign “Attention Angles Morts” translates to “Warning Blind Spots” to warn vunerable road users in urban areas. Since January 2021 HGVs over 3.5T operating in France must be fitted with 3 warning signs (right side, left side and rear of the vehicle) or could risk being fined €135. The warning signs are used to show the blind spot zones to vulnerable road users in urban areas, highlighting the potential hazard and providing guidance to help mitigate the danger.{{bul}250 x 170mm Portrait{/bul}{bul}Waterproof vinyl plastic & adhesive{/bul}{bul}Vibrant colours to comply with the regulation{/bul}{bul}Laminated for added protection & longer life{/bul}}

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