MAINLAND UK – OBD Plug-In Tracker Unit

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Vehicle OBD-II port, on vehicles post 1996 below 3.5t. Suitable for 12V vehicles. Diagnostics trouble codes allow trouble shooting and early identification of vehicle faults, simply plug ‘n’ play. Comes with GPS as standard for fleet management. {{bul}For use in MAINLAND UK – SCOTLAND, ENGLAND & WALES only{/bul}{bul}Location accuracy of 2.0 metres{/bul}{bul}Backup battery, can be disconnected for up to 6 months{/bul}{bul}Triggers to monitor hardware, such as door locks & temperature sensors{/bul}{bul}Inputs & outputs – 5 Inputs/3 Outputs{/bul}{bul}Alerts user in case of voltage variances, tampering, low battery, speeding and more{/bul}} NOTE: The tracker user will need to pay for a subscription fee to access the Durite telematics portal.

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