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Pair of convex caravan mirrors
Convex glass for a wider field of vision
Aerodynamic shape
Strong fixings and chrome bar minimise vibration for a clearer view
Robust and durable
Supplied as a pair
Quick and easy clamp fittings are more versatile so are suitable for a wide range of vehicle shapes and sizes
European Approval
Instructions for use:
1. Preparation of parts: Fit the tubular strap retaining clip and the L-shaped mirror clip to the rubber strap, so the ribs are on the inside. Ensure the small protective feet are fitted to the ends of the mirror clamp bracket screws.

2. Bracket & strap assembly: Slide one mirror clamp bracket onto the mirror bar, so the recess will face the towing vehicle mirror when fitted. Then slide on the tubular strap retaining clip, ensuring the ribbed side of the rubber strap will be contact with the back of the towing vehicle mirror body when fitted. Finally, fit the second mirror clamp bracket.

3. Fitting the Mirror: Offer the towing mirror to the towing vehicle mirror and fit the mirror clamp brackets, inserting the end between the glass and the mirror body.

Note: If the gap between the glass and mirror body is too small do not attempt to force the clips into place as this will cause expensive damage to the mirror glass.

Pass the rubber strap behind the body of the towing vehicle mirror and position the end of the L-shaped bracket between the glass and the mirror body. Ensure the rubber strap has sufficient tension to provide a secure fixing.

Adjust the mirror clamp brackets so they are as far apart as possible. This will give better stability in use. The secure them in position using the hand wheel adjusters. Note: Do not over tighten as this could damage your mirror body.

4. Final adjustment. Once fitted correctly, check the overall security of the mirror. Adjust the mirror head for optimum rear view.