Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting Set (12 Piece)

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Complete set of regulators and torches for oxyacetylene welding. Includes single stage gas regulators with two gauges to show bottle pressure and working pressure. Two colour coded gas hoses with flashback arrestors and standard 3/8" BSP connectors. Welding torch with three lightweight nozzles. Supplied with sturdy plastic storage case.


1 x 4.5m Twin gas hose set
1 x Cutting torch attachment
3 x Welding tips
1 x Oxygen regulator with two gauges
1 x Torch handle
1 x Cylinder key
1/32" Cutting nozzle
1 x Acetylene regulator with two gauges
1 x Tip cleaner
1 x Spark lighter

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Weight 7.020 kg