Plumbing Tool Kit

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Comprehensive kit for plumbers.


1 x Tube bender
1 x Automatic pipe cutter (15mm)
1 x Automatic pipe cutter (22mm)
1 x Hammer
1 x Tap re-seating tool
1 x Adjustable pipe wrench
1 x Trimming knife
1 x Measuring tape
1 x Screwdriver set (16 piece)
1 x Junior hacksaw
1 x Hacksaw
1 x Handsaw
1 x Pipe cutter
2 x Waterpump pliers
1 x Contractors tool bag
1 x File set (3 Piece)
1 x Pliers set (3 Piece)
1 x Spirit level
2 x Adjustable wrench
1 x 3 - Way Radiator key
2 x Manhole keys
1 x Master utility key
2 x Adjustable basin wrench
2 x Immersion heater wrenches
1 x Basin wrench
1 x Plastic pipe cutter


Draper Tools reserves the right to substitute items in the kit of equivalent finish or quality if the original item quoted in the above list has been discontinued or is out of stock.

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