Slimline COB LED Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamp With UV Torch (3W)

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3W inspection lamp fitted with an additional UV LED on the face plate transforming the lamp into ultra violettorch. The 3 cycle switch allows Half/Full/Torch features. Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery providing an impressive 230 Lumens inspection light and a 40 Lumen torch. The base is manufactured with an integrated magnet with protective cover and swivel joint enabling the light to be used in any 360� position. Supplied with micro USB to standard USB cable and 3pin approved USB charger.


Battery   3.7V Li-ion Battery
Lumens   COB 230-70
Burn Time   3hrs
Charging Time 5hrs
IP rating   IPX4
Size   55 x 40 x 290mm

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