Timing Kit for Fiat, VAUXHALL, Lancia, Suzuki, Alfa Romeo and Ford Vehicles

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Fiat Engine Codes: 169A1.000, 199B1.000, 188A8.000, 169A5.000, 199A9.000, 188A9.000, 199B2.000, 199A2.000, 223A9.000, 199B4.000, 199A3.000, 263A2.000Vauxhall Engine Codes: Z13DT, D13, Z13DTJ, D13A, A13DTC, A13DTE, A133DTR, Z13DTE, Z13DTH, Z13DTR, Y13DT, Z13DTLancia Engine Codes: 199A3.000, 188A9.000, 843A2.000, 199A2.000, 199B1.000Suzuki Engine Codes: Z13DT, Z13DTJ, D13A199A3.000, 199B1.000Alfa Romeo Engine Codes: 199A3.000, 199B1.000Ford Engine Codes: FD4


Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer for the correct use of this kit

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