XP1000 VDE Slimline Interchangeable Screwdriver Set (12 Piece)

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Expert quality XP1000®, Slimline interchangeable VDE screwdriver set, containing commonly used screwdriver tipped blades for electrical applications. The insulated sheath is the same diameter as the blade, enabling access to deep-seated screws found in terminals and switchboards. The handle and blade sleeve is moulded in two pieces, enabling the blades to be fitted deep into the handle ensuring there's no "flashover". Ergonomic soft grip bi-material handle allows free spinning in the palm of your hand to quickly tighten screws, but also allows transfer of torque when needed. Designed with flat sides to prevent them from rolling. Individually tested to 10,000V, suitable for working on live circuits of 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC. The VDE interchangeable blades are made from SVCM steel for added strength and deliver a fast and easy press in auto-lock action with a simple release method. The standard and precision screwdriver handles allow complete versatility with one set. Supplied in a convenient canvas roll for secure transportation and storage.


4 x Plain slot screwdriver blades: 3.5 x 100mm, 4.0 x 100mm, 5.5 x 100mm, 6.5 x 100mm
2 x Cross slot screwdriver blades: No.1 x 80mm, No.2 x 100mm
2 x PZ TYPE screwdriver blades: No.1 x 80mm, No.2 x 100mm
2 x PZ/SL screwdriver blades: No.1 x 80mm, No.2 x 100mm
1 x Insulated screwdriver handle
1 x Insulated precision screwdriver handle


Manufactured and individually certified to EN 60900

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